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Cricket, considered a religion in India has a new way to engage people in form of Fantasy Cricket. Pioneered by EPL for football, ProSportsLeague brings to you Cricket and its essence in form of a game to help you connect with the match to a different level. 

Play as you watch : How does this game work ?   

Typical fantasy sports require you to select a static list of 11 odd players before a match and thereby allows to create your dream team. ProSportsLeague allows you to create a dynamic portfolio of players which you can change as the match changes. All you need to be is a big Cricket Fan.

Play as you watch : How does the scoring work?

Every player during a match gets points from our proprietary prediction algorithm. The points are indicative of his projected score during the match which is updated live after every ball. 
A fantasy gamer can buy cheap players : Those who will outperform the algorithm’s prediction. 
S/He can sell expensive players : Those who will underperform the algorithm’s prediction. 
The final score is the sum of the net score he generates by consistently beating the algorithm.  

     How do I win the prizes : Is it Free ?

Finish in the top tier of players by scoring high. If you can do this, you should be eligible for some really cool cash prizes. Yes, you get 1000 free chips initially to play 3 games free of cost. 

Wanna know more ? 

Write to us at support@prosportsleague.com

Gourav Pilania

Gourav Pilania is the Head of Content at ProSports11. He is also a guest writer for The Hindu, India Today, Sportskeeda, The Roar, BlastingNews, and SportsCafe. He can be followed on twitter @pilania_gourav. Massive Liverpool FC supporter.

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