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The Premier League has seen innumerable incidents on the pitch, over the course of more than two decades, which are etched in our memories. From Gerrard’s slip to Cantona’s kung-fu kick, these incidents are simply unforgettable.

There’s never been a dull moment in the Premier League and the players have always caught the eye for either good reasons or bad ones.

The English top flight has seen unbelievable goals, goal celebrations and crazy antics on the pitch which have gone to the extent of fanboys and ballboys getting bullied or even physically assaulted.

The following slideshow includes 5 of these incidents from the Premier League which will be talked about for a long time.

#5 Lee Bowyer and Kieron Dyer fight

Ex Newcastle United teammates Lee Bowyer and Kieron Dyer were sent off during the match as they started trading blows at each other. This was one of the most bizarre incidents which happened on the football pitch.

Newcastle were 3-0 down to Aston Villa at St James Park when Bowyer and Dyer started throwing punches at each other.

Newcastle were already 10 men before they were reduced to 8 men as Steven Taylor was sent off for deliberately handling the ball to save the goal.

“He was like ‘give me the ball’ and I was like ‘I haven’t given the ball away, what you talking about’,” said Lee Bowyer. Five minutes later he came again and I gave it to somebody else.”

#4 Suarez biting Ivanovic

Luis Suarez’s penchant for biting opposition players has got him banned a number of times throughout his illustrious career and you never quite know what is going on in Suarez’s head until he puts it on display. Once labelled as a ‘disgrace’ by Sir Alex Ferguson, Suarez biting Chelsea’s Ivanovic during the game led to a huge uproar.

Liverpool were 2-1 down when Luis Suarez had his moment of madness with Branislav Ivanovic. Later on, Liverpool scored the equaliser but it didn’t help them secure the Champions League spot.

Steven Gerrard and Brendan Rodgers refused to comment on the incident and asked to review the footage. Suarez got a 10 match ban by FA for biting Ivanovic which sparked another controversy when it was suggested that the FA and English media were being unfair to Luis Suarez.

#3 Robbie Fowler’s celebration vs Everton

Robbie Fowler’s celebration of mimicking snorting cocaine off the ground remains one of the most controversial goal celebrations ever. This celebration was the result of Everton supporters singing about his possible involvement in drug-taking.

Fowler scored a brace in the Merseyside Derby and tried to rile up the blue side of Merseyside. He got a 4 match ban for his celebration.

“Despite my actions being taken in the heat of the moment immediately following the penalty, I realise that they have caused great offence and I deeply regret that,” Fowler said in the statement.

“I have been greatly distressed and hurt over the last few years by the constant allegations levelled against me regarding drug use, which have not only affected me but have been very upsetting to my family as well.”

#2 Adebayor’s celebration vs Arsenal

Manchester City’s Emmanuel Adebayor ran from one end of the pitch to the other to celebrate in front of the travelling Arsenal supporters. This was a reaction to the abuse he was getting from the Arsenal supporters.

Adebayor justified the celebration and said, “There is only so much abuse a man can take until he reaches the breaking point. I could not understand some of the Arsenal players being disrespectful towards me.”

“I was being abused by people who six months ago were singing my name. The abuse was for no reason. It wasn’t my fault I left, it was Arsene who wanted to accept the offer for me. They were all clapping Kolo but they were shouting personal abuse at me before the match had even kicked off.”

“People talk about us as being football players and the money we earn, but just because we are fortunate it does not mean we need to take abuse. If you were to abuse a man in the street for over an hour he would react and it would be a worse reaction than a goal celebration.”

#1 Paolo Di Canio pushes the refree

Paolo Di Canio’s moment of madness after getting the red card is another one of the most bizarre moments in Premier League‘s history. Di Canio pushed the referee after he got the red card and subsequently he was fined and banned for 11 games.

Di Canio & Nigel Winterburn recreated this famous incident in one of the Arsenal legends match as everyone in the stadium had a good laugh about it. When Di Canio was asked about the incident with referee Paul Alcock, he said – ‘Even now, when I watch it, I can’t believe the way he went down, like a drunken clown.’

“I could push my eight-year-old daughter Ludovica that way and she’s wouldn’t fall over. It certainly looked bizarre. My first reaction was that somebody must have been crouching behind him, like in one of those old slapstick comedies.”


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