SRH vs KKR T20: Tips and tricks for your ProSportsLeague XI

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Tip 1 (Team selection)


Consider these players while picking up the best ProSportsLeague XI for your team:
1. Nitish Rana – Without Rana, KKR have crumbled most of the times. He was invincible in the first half of the season and KKR faithful will be hoping that he clicks in this match which is of huge magnitude.
2. Kane Williamson – You can close your eyes with this one. Kane Williamson has been in top form this T20 season.

3. Piyush Chawla – Chawla’s experience has played a great role in KKR’s top 4 hopes this T20 season.
4. Shakib Al Hasan – Shakib is another all-rounder that you can consider. He hasn’t done anything major but you can never rule him out.

Tip 2 (Substitution)

Following players can be considered for substitutions during the match:
1. Chris  Lynn – This is ProSportsLeague Guru’s pick for the match. We can witness Lynnsanity in this T20 match.
2. Sunil Narine – Narine has been delivering constantly from so many years. He is a must pick.
These are our tips for the game. The rest is up to your cricketing skills and knowledge of the game.

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