FIFA World Cup 2018: One ultimate battle that will decide the outcome

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France is all set to face Belgium in what sets to be an enthralling contest of football. The equation is simple. The winner reaches the finals of FIFA World Cup 2018. There’s nothing more at stake. Nothing less either. The players will get a shot at hands on the World Cup 2018 trophy. Just this much. Nothing more. Nothing less.
Bill Shankly once said that football is a matter of life and death. Nothing less, nothing more. Saint Petersburg Stadium is the arena set for 22 players and they will give it their all to write their name in World Cup folklore.
France had a great shot at the World Cup trophy before the tournament even kicked off. The rate at which France is going, only 11 Zidane’s headbutts (apparently you get a straight red card for headbutting) can kick this French team out from the contention. On the other hand, Belgium’s ‘Golden Generation’ announced their arrival as ‘The-team-to-beat’ when they sent the Brazilians back to Rio De Janeiro.
With the semi-final only a few hours away from kick-off, we analyze the most critical battle which will decide the outcome.

Kylian Mbappe vs Jan Vertonghen

This is the most important battle of them all. The 31-year-old Belgian defender Jan Vertonghen is all set to face the toughest test of his career. The subject is called ‘How-To-Stop-Kylian-Mbappe’.
The 19-year-old has bagged all the major headlines of FIFA World Cup 2018. We all thought that this was Neymar’s year. We all thought this World Cup will be the tournament when Neymar announces himself as the new king of world football. He did announce himself. He tried mastering the ‘art’ of diving, however, Neymar lost the plot. At the end of their World Cup campaign, he got A+ in ‘How-to-Dive-And-Get-Caught’.

In a parallel universe, Kylian Mbappe is the fastest creature alive.

Amidst Neymar getting the attention from the media, this battle is the talk of the day. Will Vertonghen be able to stop the lightning speed of Mbappe?
In a parallel universe, Kylian Mbappe is the fastest man alive. Godspeed, Savitar and Barry Allen are all products of Mbappe’s academy. Comics put aside, the Spurs defender has got a massive job on his hands. A job that can put him into World Cup folklore. Nothing less, nothing more.


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