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The 7th edition of Pro Kabaddi League is not far away and the hype around it is unreal. The season begins on 20th July and will end after three months.

For you to play Kabaddi fantasy well on ProSports11, let’s understand the rules and points system of Pro Kabaddi League –


Each team must have a minimum of 10 (ten) Players and a maximum of 12 (twelve) Players in its match-day playing squad. 7 (seven) Players shall take the ground at a time and the remaining 3 (three) to 5 (five) Players shall be substitutes. Each team is mandatorily required to have 1 (one) overseas Player in their match-day playing squad.

Even, in the case of a team fielding 10 (ten) Players as their match-day playing squad, a minimum of 1 (one) overseas Player must be part of the match-day playing squad.

Duration of the match

The duration of the match shall be a minimum of 40 minutes divided equally in two halves of 20 minutes each along with 5 minutes interval between halves. The teams will change sides after the interval. The number of players for each team at the start of second half shall remain the same as it was at the end of first half.

Note: The last raid of each half of the match shall be allowed to be completed even after completion of the scheduled time as mentioned above.

System of scoring

Each team shall score one point for every opponent out or put out. The side, which scores an ALL-OUT, shall score two extra points. The out and revival rule will be applicable.

Each team shall score one point for every bonus point awarded.

If the raider is caught when there are only 3 defenders or less, the defending team gets an additional bonus point. The total points awarded in such an instance are 2.


Each team is allowed a maximum number of 5 substitutions per match with the permission of referee.

Substituted Players can be re-substituted by utilizing one of the remaining substitute chances out of the total 5 number of substitutions allowed in a match.

If any player is suspended or disqualified from the match, no substitution is allowed for that particular player. The team will play with less number of players.

Substitution is not allowed for players who are out.

Match clock will be officially stopped for this duration, which should not exceed 10 seconds. The exchange must take place just after a raider returns to his court, or during any other stoppage in play. All substitutions to be recorded by the official scorers and informed to the commentators.

In case a team has utilized all its 5 substitutes, and in the immediate raid after the final substitution, one of its players suffers an injury, in such an instance referee may choose to allow a substitute. However, the injured player will not be allowed to return and play in the remainder of the match.

Bonus Point

One point shall be awarded to the raider when he crosses the bonus line. If the raider after crossing the bonus line is caught, the opponent team will also be awarded one point.

The Bonus line will be applicable when there are minimum 6 defenders on the court; the Referee/Umpire shall award the bonus point after completion of such raid by showing thumb upwards towards the side which scores.

If the raider while crossing the bonus line is caught then a point will be awarded to the defending team & No Bonus point shall be given.

If the raider after crossing the bonus line puts out one or more defenders, he will get the number of points scored in addition to the bonus point for crossing the bonus line.

The raider has to cross the bonus line to score the bonus point before touching the defenders or before he is caught by the defenders. The raider will not be awarded bonus point if he crosses the bonus line after a touch or struggle.

There shall be no revival of player for bonus point.

If player/players are suspended temporarily or disqualified from the match, then the team will play with less number of players. Such players will be counted to award Bonus point.


The team, which scores the highest number of points at the end of the match, shall be declared the winner.

You can also watch videos on Pro Kabaddi League’s website to understand it better –

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