ProSports11 Bench 2.0 – Toss Ki Ab Chinta Nahi

Why Bench 2.0?

Staying up late for the toss is not your cup of tea anymore. Now you have the option to rank your substitutions in order of preference. After you create your fantasy team, you will be asked to rank the rest of the players for them to come on as a substitute in case your team’s player fail to start the game.

Substitutions will only be like-for-like (Batsman with a batsman). Following criteria has to be matched for a successful substitution:

  1. For the like-for-like substitution to take place, the credits of the player on the bench should be equal or lower than the one in your playing XI.
  2. For the like-for-like substitution to take place, you can only have 7 players from one team. If it exceeds this, the replacement shall not take place.

Your preference order will be checked automatically and when both conditions match, the substitution shall take place. Your playing XI is almost guaranteed now.

How to use Bench 2.0 feature?

After creating your starting XI, you will be asked to rank your subs in order of preference. You can use the slider to change the priority of players.

After you are done with ranking, tap on confirm button.

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